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High temperature and high pressure neutron and synchrotron diffraction studies of new high-tc superconductors


Research objectives and content
As the field of high temperature superconductivity matures, it is becoming increasingly clear theat further progress, both in the design of new superconductors and in the understanding of the fundamental mechanisms, requires detailed knowledge of the way chemical and structural features relate to the superconducting behaviour. We will exploit the power of modern diffraction techniques to study two key contemporary studies of high temperature superconductors of scientific importance and which have several potential industrial applications. We will investigate both thallium and mercury based systems using structure characterization techniques.
The first topic concerns the effect of pressure on the structural properties of the materials and the correlation of structural changes with variation in the critical temperature. Furthermore we intend to study the in situ formation as well as the structural features at high temperatures of this two superconducting systems. We investigate to show directly the formation of the different phases in this. The expected results will be of great use to both the design of new materials with higher transition temperatures and for the understanding of superconductivity based on crystal chemistry. Superconductors are widely used, especially as materials for the generation of high-field magnets. The new higher TC superconductors will make all these applications more accessible. Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
During the proposed project I will extend my scientific experiences, listed in the CV attached, to aspects relevant for superconductivity. Furthermore I will become familiar with the specific requirements and used methods for the fabrication of superconducting devices with technical application.

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