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Content archived on 2024-06-10

Coherent light and matter wave amplification - control via quantum interference and a tailored environment


Research objectives and content
Coherent light amplification, i.e. basing, is still inefficient and expensive in the high frequency domain. It is aimed to investigate in detail the feasibility of enhancing this process via coherently coupling the atoms by an external low frequency laser field and by modifying the density of modes of the environment. Atomic coherence and quantum interference is known to reduce the required amount of population on the high frequency basing transition, however it is very sensitive in this regime to dissipation. This is proposed to be controlled by tailoring the environment on especially the driven low frequency transition by a cavity or band gap material. Coherent matter wave amplification via optical pumping equally i suffers from the problem of reabsorption of light by atoms already in the Bose condensate. This is aimed to be controlled in a similar manner as above by quantum interferences.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The applicant expects to profit from the expertise of the host institution in matter waves and cavity QED, in which they are also contractors of European networks. His habilitation is also planned during the two year period.
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Efficient high frequency lasers are of enormous significance, i.p. for the medical (eye) and optical industry.

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