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National identity and immigrants in Southern Europe - the role of public discourse


Research objectives and content
The current decade has been characterized by a significant increase in immigration towards the European Union and in particular towards its southern Members, namely Greece, Italy and Spain. A large part of the newcomers, although illegal, have already settled down in these countries. Moreover, xenophobic attitudes have risen, in Greece and Italy in particular, while ethnic or racial discrimination has become increasingly common. Research on these new migratory trends has to date concentrated on immigration control rather than integration. In particular, little attention has been paid to the relationship-between national identity and the development of xenophobic or discriminatory attitudes towards immigrants. This research project will examine the role that public discourse plays in fostering this type of attitudes and behavior. The analysis will concentrate on the role that policy actors discourse plays in emphasizing the distinction between "us" (nationals) and "them" (foreigners immigrants). The implications of discriminatory public discourse for immigrant acceptance and integration will be discussed.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The training to be obtained by the host institution (IPCNR) will concentrate on methods of analysis of non-verbal behavior in discourse (with particular reference to tape- and video-recorded material) and context sensitive interviewing techniques

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