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Characterization of high-dimensional dynamics in optical systems with a delayed feedback


Research objectives and content
It is the aim of this project to bring together two lines of scientific progress:
1. The laser experiment of Dr. G. Giacomelli at the INO, which is an experimental model system for time-delay induced high-dimensional chaotic dynamics. It had been impossible so far to analyze the dynamics of these systems in the framework of the established methods of nonlinear time series analysis.
2. The new techniques for the identification of time-delay systems developped by the applicant (M. J. Bunner). With this, high-dimensional chaotic dynamics is accessible to a deterministic analysis for the first time A successful analysis allows a detailed modelling of the system investigated and, with this, an excellent control of the system in the sense of forecasting and system manipulation.
In this sense, the actual presence of the applicant will be necessary both to tailor the experiments in the most suitable manner and to develop the corresponding models.
Training content (objective benefit and expected impact)
I wish to benefit from the close collaboration between experiment (Dr. G Giacomelli) and theory (Prof. Dr. A. Politi), which is realized at the INO. Experimentally, I will work with Dr. Giacomelli on tailor-suiting the experiments for the analysis. In collaborating with Prof. Dr. Politi, I will have the opportunity to complete my theoretical capabilities by applying to time-delay systems the numerous techniques so far developed for space-time chaos (amplitude equations, center manifold reduction, soliton formation and propagation).


Largo Enrico Fermi 6
50125 Firenze

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