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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Catalytic and structural characterisation of new high silica microporous materials


Research objectives and content
Zeolites and related microporous solids are well established as versatile materials readily adaptable to suit many important processes and applications. As part of an on going synthetic program at the host institution, a new series of high silica microporous materials have been produced which further extends the range of existing materials. The project proposed here is concerned with the catalytic and structural characterisation of these new microporous structures. From a combination of catalysis studies on the aluminosilicate variants of these materials, together with the structure determination of the framework of these solids a deeper understanding of the shape selectivity-reactivity relationship, a cornerstone of zeolite science, will be gained. It is also proposed to examine the structure of the as-prepared materials, to determine the role of the structure-directing organic molecules which template the formation of these solids. This will complement the chracterisation of these new solids and provide valuable case studies for computational modeling of these materials.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The proposed project offers the chance to develop existing skills and to learn new aspects and techniques in solid state chemistry. The catalysis part of the research will allow experience to be gained in the field of industrial and applications orientated chemistry.

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