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Bridging the gap between deontic logic and qualitative decision theory


Research objectives and content
Deontic logic is a branch of modal logic that formalizes reasoning about obligations and Qualitative Decision Theory (QDT) is an area of artificial intelligence that explores expected utility that is representable using qualitative preferences and probabilities. There is a structural similarity between deontic logic and logics for QDT, which suggests that deontic logic can be used in a theory of QDT. However, both logics are based on different perspectives. Obligations are exogenous (they are imposed by a legal or moral code) while desires in logics for QDT are endogenous (coming from the agent). This is what we call the gap between deontic logic and QDT. The research objective is to bridge this gap such that deontic logic can be used in QDT.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
IRIT is the best centre in Europe for my present interest to study QDT. Moreover, there is mutual benefit of the visit, because my research on preference-based deontic logic and the research on QDT of Jerome Lang of IRIT are presently influencing each other. During the visit we can combine our knowledge,and I expect a long-term cooperation with a set of joint papers.

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