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Embedding and singularity structure of string solitons


Research objectives and content
The present research project centres around p-brane solutions of supergravity theories. The first part of the project aims to develop a geometrical description of extended object configurations embedded in an ambient spacetime. This will be achieved by performing a covariant decomposition of the background spacetime into p-brane worldvolume and transverse space. In the second stage of the project, this formalism will be exploiled to address the question of how the dynamics of a supergravity theory determine the possible p-brane configurations. Furthermore, the coupling of p-brane sources to supergravity theories, and the related issue of the singularity structure of p-brane spacetimes, will be clarified by mimicking an ADM construction for p-brane delta-function sources. In a separate study, in collaboration with Profs. Stelle and Sezgin. an algebraic approach to obtain the equations of motion of the p-brane sources themselves will be developed.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The relatively small size of the Theoretical Physics Group will give me ample opportunity to discuss my work with the established researchers of the group and to develop close personal contacts with them. In addition, a series of weekly seminars is dedicated to recent topics in string and supergravity theories and provides an informal way of getting to know the other researchers in the field from nearby universities in London, Oxford and Cambridge. The long-standing involvement of the group in EC science networks reflects its international orientation.
Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)
The only point of possible industrial relevance in this pan of theoretical physics is to the development of symbolic manipulation software. The Theoretical Physics Group at Imperial College has for some time hosted expens in symbolic computation. The development of this type of software tends to go hand in hand with specific applications growing out of demands to deal with physical problems.

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