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Formal verification of mobile processes


Research objectives and content
The research project concerns formal methods for the verification of mobile processes, i.e. concurrent systems whose communication topology may change dynamically. Propositional mu-calculus has emerged as a very adequate logic tor reasoning about classical concurrent systems. since it permits to naturally express all the interesting properties characterizing the correctness of these models. A very popular approach to verification for mu-calculus is given by local model checking and several proof systems (in tableau-like style) have been proposed for this purpose over the past few years. In contrast to classical algorithmic methods this approach may limit the drawbacks of state-explosion problem and it allows us to deal with infinite state systems. Moreover, it permits to introduce specific techniques, such those offered by the algebraic theories of processes, for realizing for instance compositional verification.
The aim of this research is to study how these approaches to verification can be generalized to the mobile processes tramework. There are many interesting aspects to be investigated. First of all, propositional mu-calculus does not seem to be adequate for expressing all the properties concerning mobile processes, because of name-instantiation. Theretore, it should be studied a new more powerful version of mu-calculus and the corresponding local model checking problem for mobile processes, that are typically infinite. These results would be the basis for addressing the issue of compositional verification.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The research concerns verification methods for mobile processes. Formal verification is an essential task in the mobile processes framework because of the typical complexity of these systems. The candidate could certainly benefit from carrying out this research at INRIA-Sophia Antipolis, where the research interests regard both models of concurrency and verification.
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