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Construction and investigation of quantum history theories


Research objectives and content
Field: Mathematical Physics ! Isham's history quantum theories are a novel mathematical and conceptual framework for the formulation of quantum theories in physics. There is the substantiated hope that Isham's programme could provide a framework for solving certain technical and structural problems arising in quantum gravity. The purpose of the suggested work is the investigation of the mathematical and conceptual structure of such theories and to formulate explicitly a physically nontrivial example in quantum field theory or quantum gravity. Particularly, the decoherence function for quantum field theoretical systems has to be investigated. The research should give essentially new information about the physical meaning of the concepts of quantum theory itself and about the possibilities to reconcile quantum (field) theory with the principles of special and general relativity.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The Imperial College offers a wide range of opportunities for training and research in the fields of quantum field theory, cosmology, and gravity. Training in the newest developments in these fields is indispensable for the proposed research project. Moreover, in Isham's group one can learn about history theories 'from first hand.' It is thus to be expected that the training opportunities at Imperial College will highly stimulate the work on the proposed research project.
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