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Design and synthesis of porphyrazine-fullerene complexes - novel molecular magnets


Research objectives and content
The aim of the proposed research project is the synthesis and characterisation of novel porphyrazine-fullerene complexes which are expected to exhibit non-planar macrocyclic ring distortion, unusual UV-visible chromophores and, most importantly, high temperature molecular ferromagnetic properties.
It is proposed that heteroatom functionalised porphyrazinoctamine systems should form charge transfer complexes with fullerene C60 and thereby provide superior analogues to C60-octakis(dimethylamino)ethene. The extent of charge transfer and thus ferromagnetic properties should be strongly dependent upon the metal ion and the extent of delocalisation of the 8 amino group lone pairs into the porphyrazine r-system, with bridged vicinal diamines being superior donors to normal tertiary amine substituents.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
Professor Barrett's group recently published several contributions on porphyrazine chemistry in well-known journals. The proposed research project is certainly well placed in the scientifically highly ranked and well equipped Imperial College with its multiple and modern facilities and instruments. The great department and many scientist employed at Imperial College will secure the possibility to broaden the training content beyond the research group of Professor Barrett. The collaboration with the Hoffmann group at Northwestern University, USA, will offer intensive training in modern applications of ESR spectroscopy as well as SQUID magnometry, and conductivity measurements.
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