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New radical reactions for the synthesis of biaryls and heterocycles


Research objectives and content
The objectives of the present proposal are related to the discovery and application of novel free radical chain reactions for organic synthesis. Within the last decade, the advantages of such a strategy, which include mild neutral conditions and the ability to operate in hindered environments, have come to be appreciated. Last year the group of Professor Motherwell has demostrated that intramolecular free radical ipso substitution of a suitably constituted sulfonyl substituted aromatic derivative by a second ortho substituted aryl radical represents a viable approach for biaryl and heterobiaryl coupling. These structures are often encountered in a wide variety of bioactive natural products of different structure and biosynthetic origin. The present proposal calls for apply this reaction in natural products synthesis, specialy pyrrolophenthridone alkaloids. On the other hand, the use of different radical triggers and additional tethering chains will be studied.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
It is the objective of the programme to get training in radical synthetic chemistry and in the synthesis of natural products. The group of Professor Motherwell, which has developed several such reactions in recent years, has an international reputation in this field. The research will provide training in several technical and scientific disciplines (ESR, RMN, HPLC, organic synthesis).
Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)
The host group is cooperating with the pharmaceutical industry (Zeneca Agrochemicals) on this subject and the applicant may benefit from this existing collaboration. We believe that radical chemistry may belong to drugs synthesis.

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