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The intertwined roles of proteins in transcription and dna rapair


Research objectives and content
DNA damages in actively transcribed genes are removed much faster than in the genome overall, indicating a link between transcription and DNA repair. It also suggests that a specific repair mechanism exists for recognizing stalled RNA polymerases in the elongation stage of transcription. This project proposes to investigate transcriptional elongation and transcription-coupled repair by studying the function of two multi-subunit factors thought to play crucial roles in these processes, TFIIH and elongator. I propose to use a combination of biochemistry and genetics - such as protein purification and characterization; determination of protein functions in vitro and in vivo; gene disruption and genetic analysis; etc - with yeast as a model system.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
By doing research at Dr. Svejstrups lab at the ICRF, I will learn a large number of new techniques in all fields of molecular biology/biochemistry. The research proposed herein will bring a deeper understanding of the processes of transcription and DNA repair. Ultimately, since regulation of transcription, DNA repair and cell cycle control are coupled - enabling cells to stop transcription and cell cycle progression until the DNA damage is repaired - it should gain a better insight in cancer as well. Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)

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