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Molecular and genetic characterization of a drosophila melanogaster resistance gene to parasitism by an hymenopteran species leptopilina boulardi


Research objectives and content In the Institute for Research on Insect Biology (IRBI), the group ' Genome and parasitic relationships' is interested in studying, at the genetic and immunological levels, the establishment of parasitism by hymenopteran species on insect hosts. The understanding of resistance phenomena to parasitism is of great importance in this context. The aim of this project is to clone and to study a Drosophila melanogaster resistance gene (Rlb) to an hymenopteran parasitood species Leptopilina boulardi. Susceptible and resistant strains of Drosophila are available in the laboratory. Rlb has been localized in a restricted area of the second chromosome and I have already realized the mapping of this region. A detailed protocol based on the comparison of the strains has been elaborated to clone this gene.
Training content The IRBI has extensive expertise in the field of insect molecular genetics as well as parasitic relationships from the evolutive point of view. This will give me the chance to learn new techniques and to develop fundamental evolutive concepts. Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)

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