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Applications of game semantics to static program analysis


I Research Objectives and Content
The main goal of this project is to show the utility of Game Semantics, a recent and very promising framework for describing the semantics of programming languages. as a formal basis for static program analysis, a technique consisting in determining the properties of programs before ever running them, used e.g. to enable optimizations in compiler technology. The techniques currently considered are (i) approximation of programs as terms in process calculi; (ii) the description of behavioural properties as modal u-calculus propositions,(iii) the use of general purpose modelchecking tools, and (iv) the use of type-based analysis techniques Training Content
Edinburgh University is an exceptional research centre in the areas of formal semantics for programming languages. process calculi and model-checking, and Category Theory Furthermore, there are strong links with Imperial College. London. where groups are interested in static analysis Furthering my knowledge of these areas will cornplement nicely my background from the Ecole Normale Superieure and the University of Bologna which is mainly in Semantics and static analysis.
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