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Optimization of the performance of the atlas muon spectrometer and its application to the detection of the higgs boson


Research objectives and content My research work at LMU will be on the ATLAS muon spectrometer. Part of it will be the conceptual set up of several tests to the tubes used in the assembly of MDT chambers for the ATLAS experiment. I will also do the cosmic ray data analysis from an ATLAS cosmic ray set up which will be installed in Garching. In parallel I will work on the pattern recognition in the ATLAS muon chambers and also do data analysis from chambers placed at test beams at CERN. Another aspect of my work will be the physics simulation related to the detection of the Higgs boson in the ATLAS detector. I will study the signatures of Higgs decays in the Standard Model and its extensions providing a benchmark for the optimization of the detector and the data reconstruction. Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
This research work will introduce me to many hardware and computational aspects in planning and preparing experiments in high energy physics. I will profit from the educational infrastructure of a university (courses, seminars) and have the chance to establish international contacts. I will obtain the appropriate training and skills required to cope with the challenges envisaged in the particle physics field.
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