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Cosmic radiation induced background in a portable ge detector


Research objectives and content
The knowledge of the background of a portable Ge detector induced by cosmic radiation is important in order to convert an in-situ gamma ray measured spectra to incident photon flux energy distribution. It is the scope of the present work to estimate the cosmic ray induced background in in-situ Ge-spectrometry. The methodology which will be used is a combined study of in-situ gamma spectrometry measurements and Monte Carlo simulations. The measurements be performed 1 m above sea water. The terrestrial gamma radiation above sea is mainly due to the K-40 concentration of the sea water. However, nuclides from Uranium and Thorium series can also contribute in a small part to the gamma radiation. From the analysis of the unscattered radiation of the measured in-situ spectra the concentration of the different radionuclides in the sea water will be deduced. By using the deduced concentrations as input in Monte Carlo codes (MCNP, GEANT) a simulated spectra (depending only to the terrestrial gamma radiation) will be performed. From the difference between the in-situ measured spectra and the simulated one the cosmic ray induced background to the in-situ measured spectra will be estimated. In addition will be investigated by Monte Carlo simulations the induced background in the portable Ge detector by the interaction of muons with the surrounding environment.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
- During the sejourn of the applicant in Greece special courses of the GEANT code will be given to Greek post graduate students a fact which is in compliance with the objectives (Training) of the TMR programme Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)

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