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Mechanisms of stem cell commitment


Research objectives and content
The scientific objective of this progamme is to gain insight into the mechanisms that control the transcriptional regulation of stem cell commitment and differentiation through the molecular and cellular analysis of single haematopoietic cells isolated from different stages of differentiation and ontogeny. My results will be of significant interest to researchers working on the basic biology of stem cells, as well as their use in transplantation and/or gene therapy. Since constitutive dysregulation of the balance between self-renewal and differentiation is an essential feature of the cancer process, this work also has implications for oncology.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
I will be exposed to state of the art molecular approaches for the analysis of single cells and intellectually benefit from joining and interacting with a centre which has a depth of interest in haemopoiesis, stem cell biology and leukaemia.
Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)
The group has no formal links with industry but their research has implications in this direction: a knowledge of stem cell biology is crucial to the rational development of anticancer therapies and the success of gene therapy in haematopoietic systems.


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