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Quantum electrical and mechanical properties of atomic size metallic contacts


Research objectives and content
The scope of this fellowship will be to obtain a complete quantum theoretical description of electrical conduction and mechanical behaviour in metallic contacts of nanometrical size (or nanowires). My own work has dealt, so far, mainly with theory of conduction through these nanowires. In Trieste, I will use several (new for me) theoretical methods in order to determine the geometrical and electronic structure of the wires. Once these structures are determined, my previous expertness in conductance calculations for similar systems will be applied. As a result of the combination of both abilities, a new level of detail in the theoretical description of these nanowires could be reached: the use of self consistent methods will allow us to obtain the possible intimate correlation between the mechanical and electrical parameters. Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The content of the project includes the learning of theoretical methods such as Molecular Dynamics and Monte-Carlo by which geometrical structures can be determined. In a further step, it will allow my assimilation of ab-initio methods by which the electronic structure can be known. In both topics, ICTP / SISSA is a world leading group, so my training in these subjects could hardly be better. The improvement of both, my theoretical and computational skills, will be enormous. Important results, to be published in international journals, are expected to be obtained. Moreover, a new collaboration research line could be opened between my origin and host institutions.
Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)
The fundamental knowledge of the quantum properties of these contacts is essential for the industrial development of chips at the nanometer scale (for further information refer to the 'detailed proposal description of the project')

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