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Phase-locked femtosecond photon echo study of exciton dynamics in aggregates


Research objectives and content
Recently there has been great interest in the spectroscopy and dynamics of molecular aggregates. In solution aggregates form long-chain one-dimensional structures. In the past couple of years extensive nonlinear optical experiments were performed on aggregates in solution, using a femtosecond (fs) laser system based on a CPM (colliding pulse modelocked) laser. While these preliminary experiments provided glimps of the opportunities for nonlinear optical experiments on these systems, the CPM laser is intrinsically too unstable to perform state-of-the-art photon echo experiments. We have recently shown (5) that phase- locked heterodyne dejected stimulated photon echo (PL-HSPE) experiments provide a new dimension to the exploration of ultrafast optical dynamics. To perform phase-locked echo experiments at the J-aggregate wavelengths, a novel fs laser needs to be built. While the investment funds and expertise are available to build this light source there is no one to use this unique equipment for phase-locked photon echo experiments on aggregates. Hence, we ask for a PhD position in the framework of the TMR programme. Training content (objective benefit and expected impact)
The candidate will gain new knowledge on modern non-linear optical techniques and new very fast lasers. The candidate will work in the Materials Science Centre in a very international atmosphere and will learn to collaborate in a interdisciplinary research group of physicists and chemists.
Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)
This work may eventually be of great importance for electro-optical devices.

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