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Content archived on 2024-04-30

A proposal to study the production of hadrons in the forward region with theh1 detector at Hera


Research objectives and content
For photoproduction interactions the proposed work will allow the measurement of the kinematics of a hard partonic scattering to be extended beyond that of previous work. This will enable more precise tests to be made of competing photon structure function predictions. In the DIS regime, the two major theories of parton evolution within the proton predict very different rates of hard parton emissions and this effect will most pronounced and easily calculable in the kinematic region covered by the proposed work. The work would also allow a detailed comparison of particle production in photoproduction and DIS in a region of phase space where naively the two processes are expected to produce similar results. Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
I would have to develop further my computational and programming skills to operate the constantly evolving and sophisticated H1 software and deal with the large data sets necessary for this work. It would also be necessary to understand the hardware response of the H1 Forward Tracker and improve the simulation of it. This would be of benefit to the whole collaboration. My communication skills would improve by regularly presenting status reports to working groups and eventually writing up the work as a full H1 publication.
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