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Novel organic synthesis in supercritical water


Research objectives and content
As water has many attractions as a medium for organic synthesis supercritical water (scH20) is even more attractiveThus, scH20 has increased acidity, reduced density (0.8 g/ml) and lower polarity, greatly extending the range of chemistry that can be carried out in it. Recently, there have been a few showing that high temperatures and scH20 can be used in certain organic reactions, eg the Heck reaction
In association with a specialist equipment company, NWA GmbH, it has been recently constructed a simple prototype flow apparatus in the Department for handling water up to 5000C. We now plan to use this equipment to increase our understanding of organic chemistry in scH20 so that we can exploit this knowledge in 'new' organic synthesis. The scH20 flow reactor is ideally suited to studying:
i) Intramolecular reactions. ii) Use of sugars as appendages (for solubility) in a range of periciclic processes, eg imino Diels-Alder, Claisen rearrangments and carbocation initiated reactions. iii) The possibility to alter conventional selectivity protocols in the presence of chiral carbohydrate conjugates and also enhance enantio- and diastereo-selectivities in such reactions. iv) function of glycosides in biological processes
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The postgraduate training allows me learning of a new technic of contemporary organic chemistry which could not be achieved at home institution in Spain. Subsequently I could apply to return to home Institution or Spanish Industry.
Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)
The work proposed has significant relevance to industry in the context of unusual synthesis in clean and enviroment friendly media

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