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New superconducting ceramics


Research objectives and content
Support for research at the SUPRAS (Service Universitaire Pour la Recherche et les Applications en Supraconductivite) group at the University of Liege/Belgium is being applied for. The group has all of the current synthesis and analysis methods for solid state chemistry and physics at its disposal. Aim of the proposed research project is to improve the understanding of the chemical and physical properties of new high temperature superconductors.
Three individual areas are projected:
1. Superconductors containing halogen anions
2. New superconducting systems
3. Textured superconducting ceramics So the project builds a bridge between the search for new materials and the optimization of the properties of known materials.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impacl)
This TMR application is a way to train myself as a young german researcher towards practical problems of nowadays superconductor research. In order to achieve this I consider that a postdoctoral position at the SUPRAS group in Liege is an excellent opportunity for me to work in a young agile team that follows the work with great enthusiasm and has an extremely interesting interdisciplinary background. The possibility to work in Liege will let me change from fundamental research to research leading in direction of applications
Links uith industry / industrial relevance (22)
For this work close cooperation with the Kabelwerk Eupen (Belgium) is arranged to tackle some efforts in cable and wire production. SUPRAS was a BRITE Euram partner together with Alcatel Alsthom and ICI. The group has also some contacts with EDF, CEA (France), CERN and Siemens.


Université de Liège

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