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String symmetries and hyperbolic kac-moody algebras


Research objectives and content
The aim of this work is to understand the structure of a class of infinite-dimensional Lie algebras arising in string models. The hope is to find manageable representations of these algebras. It is based on two new attempts to exploit the realization of bosonic string-models in terms of vertex operators to investigate the arising Lie algebras. The root spaces, which in the physical realization are spanned by polarisation states, show a rich structure of unclear origin. Preceding work suggests a possible source: intermediate states arise in calculations which carry 'fractional' momenta, this transcends the framework of ordinary vertex operators. Our idea is to look at extended string theories based on W-algebras which contain such operators as building blocks. We hope to find a more natural realization of the algebras under study which renders their structure transparent. Impact is expected on the understanding of string theory symmetries and on other areas of mathematical physics such as conformal field theory and supergravity theories.
Training content (objective. benefit and expected impact)
The training content will be to learn advanced conformal field theory and other mathematical aspects of string theory. Here I will benefit from the fact that the theoretical physics group at KCL is of considerable standing. Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)


WC2R 2LS London
United Kingdom

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