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Setup of the photomultipliers for the atlas tile calorimeter and higgs physics at lhc


Research objectives and content
The objective of the research project is the characterization, selection, calibration and setup of
1000 out of the 10000 Photomultipliers (PM) that will be installed at the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter ( the ATLAS
hadronic calorimeter for the LHC collider ). In particular, the following tasks must be done:
- Optimization and selection of the PM type to be used at the detector. - Characterization of the PM parameters: gain, linearity, dark current, ...
- Calibration and quality control of each PM.
- Assembling of the mechanic and electronic devices of each PM. All of these tasks involve close links with industries which develop state-of-the-art PMs. Also a close link with
local industries is needed to develop high technology electronics for the digital cards that must do the readout of the
signals coming from the PMs as well as the assembling of mechanic parts of the detector. Monte Carlo studies for the
search of the Higgs boson are also part of the research project. Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The research project has the main objective of producing well charaterized and calibrated PMs, which must have a high degree of
linearity for a large range of energy ( from a few GeV to several TeV ). The main impact will be a good measurement of the energy
deposition in the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter coming from jets and particles. Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)

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