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An augmented reality environment for the safety and the accuracy during computer assisted orthopedic surgical interventions


Research objectives and content
The applicant will develop and test a demonstrator of a AR system. This system will help surgeons to use in a fully integrated and effective manner multidimensional data (images, 3D models, atlas, planned procedures) for the execution of accurate and safe orthopaedic surgical procedures. The reality enhancement obtained, by the system that the applicant will develop, will be basically of 'visual' type. The basic requirements of such a system are to provide a good registration of images and model (in order to achieve the right display) and to display 3D hidden organs and surgical target. To this aim the applicant will install and equip the working site with a 3D sensors system able to track the position of surgical instruments and of anatomical reference during the intervention. The applicant will develop an innovative concept based 'friendly' user interface that will enable users to control the technology in a simple, satisfying and effective manner. The interface will be fully based on a 3D interaction with the options of the interface and with the surgical environment, this approach will permit the surgeon to not move hands and sight apart from the surgical scenario when the he/she has to select an interface option. Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
This research project aims to integrate the high qualified expertise of the applicant in the real clinical environment of the host institute offering to him an unique opportunity of training in terms of methodological approach and interaction with the specific surgical environment constraints. But above all the need of developing an effective solution to clinical problems by defining innovative systems and by integrating new technologies will assure an important condition to train the applicant. In fact, in order to train himself in developing effective solutions and to satisfy fully the user needs the applicant will build a AR for CAS demonstrator, will discuss the results of the tests and will prepare a non technical user manual.
Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)
The effectiveness of this project will be strongly enhanced by the involvement of the main European companies and SMEs in the field of instrumentation for arthroscopy and laparoscopy, which are strongly committed to keep technology leadership in this market. The role of industry will be of paramount importance in the definition of the requirements of the CAS system. This presence, assured by an effective and well established collaboration between the host institution, the applicant and several companies, will guarantee a smooth and effective technology transfer of the project results to the clinical practice.

Funding Scheme

RGI - Research grants (individual fellowships)


Lund University

221 85 Lund

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