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Magnetic phase transition and ferromagnetic domain structure of liquid undercooled co-pd alloys studied with neutron scattering


Research objectives and content
Ferromagnetic ordering has so far been known to occur only in the solid state of matter. Very recently, evidence for the existence of a magnetically ordered state in undercooled Co80Pd20 has been given. The objective of this research training proposal is the realisation of neutron scattering experiments on undercooled CoPd alloys. Due to their magnetic moment neutrons are a very suitable experimental tool to investigate magnetic properties of condensed matter.
The studies will contain the measurement of the temperature dedendend spontaneous magnetisation in the liquid metal below the magnetic phase transition as well as the investigation of structure and dynamics of the inhomogeneous magnetisation texture. The dependence of the magnetisation on external magnetic fields allows for investigation of the domain structure and hysteresis effects.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The research training grant would offer the possibility to work in one of the best established European Research Institutions in Solid State Physics.
The ILL provides the unique combination of required experimental facilities and the presence of experienced scientific supervisors from all over Europe in order to ensure a success of the present research project. The scientific training in the various neutron scattering techniques available at the ILL together with the personal experience of working in an international collaboration ensures a high benefit for my future academic career.

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