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Functional analysis of the promoter region of the prophenoloxidase gene isolated from the dipteran anopheles gambiae


Research objectives and content
Recently, Paul Brey' s group at the Pasteur Institute in Paris sequenced the promoter region of Prophenoloxidase (proPO) gene isolated from the dipteran Anopheles gambiae. They found some interesting regions highly homologous to several responsive elements like ecdysteroid hormone responsive elements, GATA elements etc. At the moment, A. gambiae has the only proPO gene completely sequenced and this study will be important in further studies to render A. gambiae inefficient to harbor the malaria parasite. In this project we want to investigate the functionality of that region of the proPO gene promoter. Furthermore, we want to verify whether this putative regulatory region of the promoter can affect proPO gene expression. Our intention is to use DNaseI footprinting experiments combined with gel shift assay in two inducible systems (the larval haemolymph and a tumorous Drosophila blood cell line (mbn-2)), to investigate the functionality of the regulatory region of the proPO gene promoter. Further, we will use the transfection assay of Drosophila tumorous blood cell to verify a possible involvement of the regulatory region of the promoter in the proPO gene expression. This project will address the very important question as to whether the possible presence of some factor in the haemolymph of A. gambiae affects the expression of the proPO gene in this environmentally important insect: a known vector of human malaria.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
This experience will be of great importance for the high quality of research and in the training provided by the host Institute. Moreover, the applicant will learn many techniques of biochemistry and molecular biology which he will in order to complete his scientific training in insect immunity.
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