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Systematic studies at the ams-facility at Naples for chronological dating with high precision


Research objectives and content
The technique of Accelerator Mass Spectroscopy (AMS) allows dating geological and archaeological materials with high precision (so called C14-method). The AMS-facility at Naples is in operation since many years, particularly for investigations . on the chronology of volcanic eruptions. However, precise data on the chronology of historical volcanic eruptions in . Campania are still needed. Furthermore no investigations on the time needed for the re-establishment of environmental . conditions allowing human re-settlement in sites interested by catastrophic eruptions have been performed up to now, although the AMS-technology allows to extract data with highly improved precision. The investigations mentioned above can not be performed using the AMS-system presently available at Naples: These studies demand for improved precision of the analyses as well as for higher throughput of samples to allow systematic studies. Significant technical improvements, i.e. implementation of a dedicated injection system and a fast cycling system, have to be made at the AMS-facility in order to meet these demands. The operation of the new injection system allows to optimise the AMS-system not only for the C14-method but also for different isotopes, such as 10Be and 26A1. The use of these isotopes in the Naples-AMS-facility may demonstrate the potential of AMS in a wide range of different research fields and applications. The research project aims at the technical improvement of the AMS-system at Naples. The applicant will invest his expertise on high voltage techniques and accelerator technology gained in university and industrial projects to implement these improvements under a definite time schedule and a duration of 1 year. Furthermore, systematic studies on the chronology of volcanic eruptions - demonstrating the improved AMS specifications - will be performed.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
- A training course for students with special emphasis on modern applications of ion accelerators in industry and research will be held during the research project. . - Training of young scientists in accelerator technology and in the use of ion beam analytical methods with special respect to . their use in industry will be accomplished. . - The results of the research project will be presented at international conferences; the industrial relevance will be evaluated . (see below). - The improved AMS-facility opens the window for new highly sensitive applications in different research fields, such as biomedical applications, archaeology, geology, volcanology, oceanography, semiconductor-technology, and environmental studies; these new applications are highly important for future activities at the university of Naples.
Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)
Since the number of applications of accelerator mass spectroscopy is presently significantly increasing, e.g. new biomedical applications, applications in environmental studies, the number of AMS-facilities is rising. The company High Voltage Engineering Europa (HVEE, Amersfoort, NL) is the only European manufacturer of AMS-systems. Discussions with HVEE have manifested a high interest in new technological developments in this field.

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