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Phase coherence and other non-equilibrium properties of bose condensed atomic gases


Research objectives and content
The research activity of the candidate will proceed in two directions: the first one closely related to the experiments aiming at Bose-Einstein condensation presently at work at ENS, the second one, assuming the condensate as starting point, addressed to the study of its coherence and non-equilibrium properties.
Project objectives include: - Investigation of the physics of condensed atoms characterized by a negative s-wave collision scattering length. This situation should be in fact encountered in the ENS experiments where Cesium. atoms are used. Possible schemes to stabilize the condensate will be also considered. - Development of a theoretical treatment beyond the mean-field approach improving a method recently developed at ENS suitable to describe the dynamics of Bose condensates at very low temperatures. - Investigation of the properties of the condensate as an 'atom laser' i.e. a coherent source of atoms. Decoherence mechanisms induced by the interaction between particle will be studied. - Identification of a scheme to produce a continuous coherent source of atoms.
- Investigation of the possibility to realize non-classical states for the atomic matter field. - Investigation of the situation in which two condensates are coherently coupled either by tunnelling of atoms between two condensates separated by a barrier, or by internal states transitions in the atoms of two condensates realized on two different internal states. Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact) The research activity of the candidate in a new and up-to-date field in a lively and outstanding scientific environment will provide her great benefit substantially enriching her research interests. Moreover her background in quantum optics could provide different points of view and alternative approaches that will make the collaboration hopefully very fruitful. Links with industry / industrial relevance (22) A coherent source of atoms would bring substantial improvement in the already developed field of nano-lithography using atom-optics of laser cooled atoms, which represents an important research trend in the fabrication of nanoelectronics devices.

Funding Scheme

RGI - Research grants (individual fellowships)


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