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Recognition by close remote sensing of soil surface features in mediterranean viticultural environment; monitoring of the effect of agricultural practice


Research objectives and content
The proposed project aims to develop light but reliable methods to study soil surface features and parcel structure, and to develop a model of soil surface condition recognition under heterogeneous culture, vine in the presented project, by means of close remote sensing. The first objective is to establish a typification of surface conditions. Infiltrometric properties of these different conditions being known from elsewhere, the typification by remote sensing should result in an estimation of the susceptibility of soils to runoff. The studied zone is a catchment of about 100 ha, the Roujan catchment, studied since several cultural seasons. A second objective is to produce a model, based on training sites, of spatialization of soil surface features, based on structuring geographic information derived from a GIS analysis. A final objective of the PhD thesis is to produce, at a scale of some 10,000 hectares, a classification of runoff-susceptibility according to several evolutional alternatives of soil occupation and agricultural practice on the vine-parcels.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact) Main training objective for the candidate is a further specialisation in application of remote sensing and GIS to soil science, opening wide perspectives to assist future scientific developments and their application. The candidate will also benefit from the applied, agronomic, character of the project.
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