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Analysis of structure-borne using spatial statistical distributions


Research objectives and content
Within the area of structural dynamics a fundamental problem is the prediction of sound levels with a structure-borne origin. Whilst there is an increased understanding of the physics involved, the development of manageable methods for its analysis is . limited. Methods of analysis are hindered due to the vast amount of data needed to describe dynamic characteristics and because the methods used to acquire such data (measurement or prediction) are difficult, time-consuming and in many instances cannot be expected to reliably obtain details at all. To overcome the problems the proposed research will consider a statistical formulation of the structure-borne sound transmission problem. In doing so, not only is the amount of data required for an analysis significantly reduced but also the I precision with which the data is procured is relieved.
Training content (objective. benefit and expected impact)
Beneficiaries of the work will be widespread since an original. Scientific approach to the transmission of structure-borne sound will be developed. The generality of the approach means that it is applicable to many branches of engineering, i.e. buildings, ships, aircraft and road vehicles, where, despite undoubted uses, a prediction of noise due to structure-borne sound is at present intractable. The approach has therefore clear practical application.
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