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Static and dynamic behaviour of ultra thin magnetic films


Research objectives and content
We wish to study the static and dynamic properties of Ultrathin Magnetic Films using the Theoretical Tools of renormalisation group and mode-coupling theories in collaboration with the Theoretical Physics Group of the Technical University of Munich. Such studies could be object of experimental confirmation using muon spin relaxation techniques. These experiments would be carried by the experimental group of Prof. Kalvius also at the T U Munchen. It is expected that this project would last a period of 24 months.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
I could benefit and learn much from the contact with the Theoretical Physics Group at the T U Munchen which has made important contribution in the Theory of Magnetic Systems using the theoretical tools named above. I could also transmit my personal background in the area of low-dimensional spin systems, namely my knowledge of exact solutions to the persons involved in this project. As stated above the results obtained can be submitted to experimental confirmation.
Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)
This study might prove relevant from the Technological point of view given the possible integration of semi-conductor electronics with magnetic elements and the prospect of using such magnetic films as high density storage devices.


Technische Universität München
85748 Garching Bei München

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