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Dualities and conformal strings


Research objectives and content
The main objective is the investigation of various aspects of dualities in string theory. The recent progress in understanding non-perturbative features of superstrings has revealed many striking relationships between apparently different theories. Such dualities can relate two theories that superficially have completely different properties. The subject is both fascinating and developing at a rapid pace. In the discussion of the dualities a new object, the D-brane, naturaly appears. One of my main goals is a closer investigation of the relation between the tensionless strings discussed in the D-brane context and the conformal strings which correspond to the high energy limit of the usual strings. The main goals also include the study of extended objects (p-branes and tensionless p-branes), the role that they play in the understanding of superstring dualities and their possible incorporation into string theory. Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
Members of the DAMTP Particles Group and General Relativity Group have played a leading role in the development of superstring theory as a consistent quantum theory of gravity unified with the other fundamental forces. One of the major theme in the group's current research is in the area of duality symmetries of supersymmetric string and field theory, in the development of which, the group members also play a leading role. Since I expect to work on these particular subjects the the benefit of the requested training would be enormous for my future research work in string dualities.
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