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Analysis of the expression pattern and target genes of constans, a putative plant transcription factor that promotes flowering


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The CONSTANS gene of Arabidopsis is required to promote flowering in response to photoperiod. The gene was recently cloned and shown to encode a protein that is very likely to act as a transcription factor. To study how the CONSTANS protein regulates flowering time, I propose to analyse its pattern of expression and to identify its target genes. Transgenic plants carrying fusions between the CONSTANS promoter and reporter genes will be used to determine the expression pattern of CONSTANS in different environmental conditions and at different developmental stages. The identification of genes regulated by CONSTANS will be carried out by differential display, using transgenic plants in which the activity of CONSTANS can be regulated by the addition of a glucocorticoid. Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
This project will extend my experience in plant molecular biology and will provide me with training in plant genetics and in the study of gene interactions in the same genetic pathway to understand their combined impact on flowering.
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This project is related to an EC-funded programme, 'Genetic and Molecular Control of the Transition to Flowering'. Dr. Coupland's group, other European laboratories and industrial laboratories are involved in this programme.

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