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Tandem reactions in a zirconocene template


Research Objectives To use carbenoid insertion into carbon-zirconium bonds to develop new organic synthetic methods.
Content Zirconacyclo-pentanes and -pentenes are useful intermediates formed by carbometallation of unactivated alkenes or alkynes. Whitby has recently reported that they insert lithium chloroallylide followed by electrophiles providing reaction sequences in which 3 - 5 C-C bonds are formed. I intend to extend the range of carbenoids to give a variety of novel zirconacyclohexanes. Further elaboration of the zirconacyclohexanes using methods already reported for zircoancyclopentanes will provide efficient routes to a wide range of novel organic products.
Training Content. In Dr. Whitby's group I will complement my experience of catalytic late transition metal chemistry with stoichiometric chemistry of early transition metals, including the isolation and characterisation of air sensitive organometallics. This will complete my formation in organometallic chemistry in order to join a French university in the following years. I will also extend my knowledge of the english language. Links with Industry Most of Dr. Whitby's group working on related projects are funded by U.K. industry (Glaxo, Pfizer, Zeneca, Lilly).

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