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Organometallic helical columnar supramolecular organizations for optical andelectrooptical applications


Research objectives and content
Some simple organic molecules may give rise to complex structures of great interest by the action of weak interactions. The research project which is intended to be developed by myself deals with the synthesis and the study of the behaviour of organometallic compounds which can be stacked in columns in order to develop new helical superstructures with unprecedented optical properties. The work will be developed using two different approaches: 1) Some organometallic structures, which are known to arrange themselves in columnar stacks, will be modified by the introduction of chiral lateral chains. 2) The second part of the project will be the study of supramolecular organizations resulting from the mixture of discotic metallomesogens and donor or acceptor compounds (chiral or not) which are known to form charge transfer complexes in columnar stacking. Besides the most relevant physical properties of these compounds will be studied. They can be summerized in three fundamental aspects: l)Ferroelectric properties, 2) nonlinear optical properties and 3) magnetic properties. Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
During the stay I have the possibility to learn a new language (Spanish) and a lot about Spanish culture and mentality. Moreover the study of the physical properties of liquid crystalline compounds demands the acquisition of new analytical and physical techniques in the field of material science. It is a very good preparation for a later position in the industry due to a) the subject of the project and b) strengthening of the sense of responsibility, of the self-sufficiency and mobility in a time where all borders in Europe fall down.
Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)
There's no link with the industry as it is described under (22). But the project deals with industrial relevant compounds (the synthesis of a new type of metallomesogens).

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