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Metal oxide nanophase materials for environment catalysis


Research objectives and content
Nanophase materials is a new and rapidly expanding field with numerous potential applications in several areas. The suggested program offers good opportunities for training in the synthesis, characterization and the evaluation of the catalytic properties of nanophase doped cerium oxide materials. The ultimate goal is to develop anew catalyst for environmental applications. By proper doping of cerium oxide it may be possible to obtain a more efficient substitute for current car catalysts.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
Pr M. Muhammed's group has an excellent experience and knowledge in the synthesis of nanophases and in the study of these ones for catalytic properties. So, my stay will greatly improve my knowledge in this field. Moreover, during my thesis research in collaboration with Rhtne-Poulenc society, I worked on cerium sulfide which will be used as a new red inorganic pigment in plastics. The study of cerium oxide will allow me to show other application of rare-earth element on one hand and on other hand to learn new synthesis processes and physico-chemical characterizations, in particular to determine catalytic properties.
Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)
The project is of high industrial relevance. Cerium oxide is currently used in noble-metal-based car catalysts. The proper doping of cerium oxide makes possible to reduce or even totally eliminate the amount of noble metals used in such a catalyst. Another advantage of this material is the reduction of the catalyst light off temperature, which greatly decrease emissions due to cold start problem. In this project we have a cooperation with DEGUSSA AG, Germany, where the catalysts synthesized by KTH group are evaluated at DEGUSSA's labs.

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