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Content archived on 2024-04-30

Non perturbative study of m-theory


Research objectives and content
The study of theories based on extended objects namely strings opens a very promising avenue towards the resolution of the most important problem in the physics of the fundamental interactions namely the reconciliation of quantum mechanics with general relati- vity . Recently, fundamental and very impressive progress has been realized in the comprehension of superstring theories which led to the key discovery that the five consistent superstring theories appear to describe one unique theory in different regions of the couplings . This unique theory has received the name of M-theory and its low-energy limit corresponds to eleven dimensional supergravity . Recently, a very interesting and promising proposal for a non- perturbative formulation of M-theory has been made in term of a Matrix theory . In this project we plan to explore all the promising avenues which could lead to significative progress in our under- standing of M-theory . In particular, we plan to address the open question of the description of M-theory compactified down to ' realistic ' space-time dimensions . Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
As a young researcher, to be in Imperial College would permit me to deeper my knowledge and pursue my research in an ideal environment and would certainly constitute a crucial stage in my career .
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