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Genetic characterization of the Mediterranean ecotype of roe deer


Growing awareness of the importance of conserving biodoversity is paralleled by genetic advances that will help objectives planning of conservation.The aim of the present project is the genetic characterization of a roe deer population living in a mediterranean forest in southern Spain which is reproductively isolated from the rest populations in Spain and Europe,and can hence be defined as a Evolutionary Significant Unit,contributing to the overall genetic diversity of the species.
As a molecular marker a panel of (AC)n microsatellite developed and characterized in white-tailed deer will be used. Blood and tissue samples coming from southern Spain and other populations in northern Spain and Europe will be analyzed. If the intraspecific variation is confirmed, the existence of a Mediterranean ecotype of roe deer will be encouraged, allowing to stress necessity of redefining the conservation and management programs of the species in the area.


Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientòficas
S/n,avenida De Marie Luisa
41071 Sevilla