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Research on Technology Transfer


Research objectives and content:

The project aims at the improvement of the regional technology transfer capacity of the University of Almeria.

It envisages the combination three studies:
a) an inventory of existing university-industry cooperations in knowledge and technology transfer;
b) expert interviews with regional firms concerning their experience with and their needs for transfer and it's institutions;
c)main part of the project is a study on former alumni of the Engineering Faculty, their evaluation of university's contribution to knowledge transfer and innovation in the local industry.

Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)

Transfer of (German) research experience and methodological knowledge for the establishment of anew empirical orientated form of project based PH.D. courses (lectures and practical studies), assistance in the formation and consolidation of a research group, establishment tent of evaluation criteria for university-industry cooperation and practical studies.

Links with industry / industrial relevance (22):

The project is designed to tighten the ties between local industry and university thus improving human capital supply and strengthening local innovation capacity.


Universidad de Almeria

04120 Almeria