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Content archived on 2024-06-10

Health Beliefs Personality Correlates of Breast Cancer: From screening to mastectomy rehabilitation


Research objectives and content:

The proposed research looks at health behaviours in regards to Breast Cancer (BC) and its surgical treatment both in United Kingdom and Greece. Practice of preventative health behaviours (breast self -examination and screening mammography) along with adjustment to and coping with mastectomy are examined through a study of health beliefs, personality, knowledge of BC and preventative health behaviours and coping styles.

The aims of the proposed research are:
To reveal the factors that affect the practice or not of breast self examination and screening mammography and make suggestions to reduce mortality.
To examine the whole spectrum of BC (from breast self examination and diagnosis to breast surgery and rehabilitation).
To investigate possible effects of health beliefs, personality, knowledge and coping both on compliance with recommended health behaviours and coping with treatment.
To enlight cultural differences in breast self examination and mammography practice and related health beliefs and in adjustment to mastectomy.

Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)

The proposed project will offer the researcher the following:
.Advanced knowledge of more sophisticated research methods and statistical analysis in health psychology.
.Extensive knowledge of health related issues (by training seminars, participation in conferences and work with experienced researchers in the field).

Finally, all the above valuable experience can be transferred to the country of origin of the researcher and contribute to the establishment of health research and the improvement of health policy there, in order to keep up the expectations of European Community

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