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Removal of toxic volatile organic compounds - vocs - from waste gas in an extractive membrane bioreactor


Research objectives and content
Overall Objective:Develop use of Extractive Membrane Bioreactor (EMB) combined with specialised microorganisms for toxic VOCs from waste gas streams. Specific Objectives* Investigate rates of mass transfer of VOCs across dense phase and micropororous hydrophobic membranes.* Investigate bisfilm attachment to membrane sur'faces.* Operate and model a simple EMB system in which VOCs in a waste gas stream are removed and biodegraded.
Training content (objective, benefit ana expected impact)
The objective of the proposed training period is for the applicant to gain specialist skills in membrane bioreactor technology, and also generic research skille The benefits are to the applicant and also to the host laboratory; and the impact of the project will be the development of a new waste treatment process.
Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)
This training project has an active involvement with industry through linkages (research contracts consultancies) between the host laboratory, several large chemical companies (ICI, Elf Atochem Hickson and Welch, Solvay Deutschland, Unilever, Dow Corning), and two SMEs (Xflow and Membrane Extraction Technology) involved in membrane manufactue and membrane applications, respectively.


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