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Developments in maclane homology andre quillen homology and t-homology ofrings


Research objectives and content
The domain of application of homology theories of algebras is very large. We have application in geometry, K-theory, algebraic topology. My primary interests are close to homological algebra and its applications. In particular there is an important interest to study MacLane homology for commutative rings as, recently, Pirashvili and Waldhausen have shown that is isomorphic with the topological Hochschild homology, which is related with problems in algebraic K-theory. In my research project, I will try to determinate, using algebraic methods of Franjou and Pirashvili, the MacLane homology for of further commutative rings. In parallel with this, I am interested, also in the F-homology, a new homology theory, introduced recently by A. Robinson at Warwick University. My aim when I finish my studies at Warwick is to return to Greece and to contribute to the development of these areas which are, at this moment, not well known there. Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
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