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Content archived on 2024-05-14

Research on safety catch linker technologies in combinatorial solid phaseorganic synthesis


Research objectives and content
The proposal described the synthesis and exploration of two novel safety-catch linkers for use in solid phase organic synthesis. These linkers should open up new synthetic possibilities for combinatorial chemistry. The work will involve some basic research relating to the study of organic synthesis and mechanism and the linkers to be developed will be of strategic interest. The first study is based around an oxazolidine structure that will liberate amino alcohol derivatives upon cleavage. Such compounds are important building blocks for organic synthesis A number of further studies are proposed around this linker to explore the mechanism and synthetic scope. The second linker is based around the cleavage mechanism of 1,3-diol systems which as been termed 'retro conjugate addition' for the purposes of this proposal. The work will shod some light on the mechanism of cleavage of 1,3-diols. This linker should also act as a single carbon donor for solid phase organic syllthesis.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
My interest is to acquire during my postdoctoral position fresh knowledge in innovatory field of combinatorial synthesis and solid-phase chemical technologies.The present project offers me the opportunity to complete my scientific skills in organic synthesis related to biological chemistry. Futhermore, this project is likely to be of interest to number of universities and companies research group which develop combinatorial technology in Europe. This grant would help me acquire important techniques in this important growth chemistry area.
Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)
Dr Balasubramanian has been collaborating with Zeneca in the area of combinatorial chemistry since 1994. The collaboration involves a significant level of scientific exchange relating to solid phase chemical methods and combinatorial synthesis.

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