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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Organisation and regulation of the vitellogenin receptor gene in rainbow trout


Research objectives end consent; Vitellogenin is a complex
glycophospholipoprotein synthetized in the liver under estrogenic induction. It is transported by the blood to the ovary, where it is incorporated inthe growing oocytes by specific receptors to form the major component of the yolk. The host institution just cloned a vitellogenin receptor cDNA in rainbow trout, which opens new research avenues to approach at the molecular level the mechanisms underlying vitellogenin incorporation ration. Indeed, as any other gene, the vitellogenin receptor gene is controlled by a complex interplay of transcription factors acting on cis- elements of its promoter.The first year of the project will consist in cloning the vitellogenin-receptor gene by screening, suing the cDNA probe, a rainbow trout genomic library available in the host institution. Sequncing the resultingclones should then allow to study during the second year the cis-elements and trans-factors 'implicated in'the regulation of the vitellogenin-receptor 'gene promoter and to gain crucial ,and orginal information on the molecular basis of oocyte receruitement and development, a key step in (female gamatogenesis. It isexpected that the value of this research will not be limited to-the model species but will bealibi of general interest for other oviparous species: and the regulation of other (VIDL) very low density lipoprotein receptors
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The applicant will be able to improve her technical skills in a laboratory having expertise in most major current molecular 'biology techniques.'In addition, the applicant will benefit from exposure to many other aspects of fish physiology being studied in 'the host institution and other nearby laboratories (INSEAM and NRA units). All this should considerably improve the applicant's technical and conceptual background in molecular biology and reproductive physiology.
Links with industry / industrial relevance (22) There is no direct link between this project and the industry However, the propose) project should lead to important findings with respect to female gonadal development in oviparous species in general and fish in particular which will be highly relevant for the fish farming industry.- Management of broodstock and the control of games qualities is an essential requirement for the intensive aquaculture of all finfish species and is a priority area for the current framework-pro' . (Area 5.3.4).

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