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Content archived on 2024-05-14

An electromagnetic ion trap for correlation measurements in nuclear b decay; searching for physics beyond the standard electroweak model


Research objectives ana contents
The Standard Model is now widely accepted as the theoretical framework to describe the fundamental constituents of matter and their interactions. Nevertheless, there are good reasons to believe that it cannot be the ultimate model concerning the fundamental structure of matter. By carefully selecting specific observables in nuclear beta decay, precision tests of the Standard Model at low energies offer a complementary approach to experiments at high energy accelerators. To significantly improve the precision that can presently be obtained in a number of correlation measurements in nucle decay we propose to develop an electromagnetic ion trap that is specially designed for such experiments. This will allo eliminate or reduce significantly the effects of scattering, one of the most important sources of systematic errors in any correlation experiment in nuclear beta decay to date. At the same time it would allow for an undisturbed detection of tilion, so that high precision beta-neutrino correlation experiments become possible. Such a device would offer interesting prospects for other types of correlations as well. The realisation of the first phase of this project, including the first experiment can be realised within the two years of the grant asked here. Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
Applying the technique of electromagnetic ion trapping to correlation measurements in nuclear beta decay has never realised before. It will allow me to get detailed knowledge of nuclear beta decay tests of the Standard Model, to acquir wider competence in the field of ion trapping, and to transfer my experience in this field to the field of symmetry testnuclear beta decay, where it is expected to lead to a boost in experimental precision.
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