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Tin based anodic materials for new lithium-ion batteries


Research objectives and content
Objective: The design of new tin-based anodic materials with high capacity and performance for lithium-ion batteries.
1- Synthesis of electrode materials a) Anodic materials include crystallised and amorphous oxides (SnO2, Li2SnO3, Sn2BPO6, etc) and chalcogenides (SnS2, MSn2S4, etc). b) Cathode materials for advanced lithium- ion cells (LiMn204, LiCoO2, etc). 2- Structural and physical properties a) Chemical composition b) Crystal structure: X-ray diffraction (refinement methods). c) Local structure: environment of atoms, oxidation state, electronic structure (form FTIR, 6,7Li, 11B, 119Sn, HR-NMR and 119Sn Mvssbauer spectroscopy). 3- Electrochemical lithium insertion: intensiostatic and potensiostatic recordings. a) Definition of ranges of thermodynamic stability of inserted phases and structural changes. b) Evaluation of kinetic parameters as diffusion coefficients, enhancement factor and ionic conductivity. 4- Battery performance and optimisation Design and determination of the performance of test batteries directed towards an application to commercial batteries (non- aqueous electrolyte lithium anode and lithium-ion cells).
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
Safety impact: by avoiding the use of pure lithium metal. Environment impact: appropriate energy storage system for clean renewable energies, without heavy metals (cadmium and lead). Expected scientific results:1. Synthesis of tin-based glasses.2. Characterisation of local order.3. Study of the lithium insertion properties.4. Preparation and evaluation of materials as cathode in lithium ion cells.5. Battery performance and optimisation
Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)
The laboratory of Cordoba collaborates since some years ago with the laboratory of Montpellier (where the candidate is now as TMR). This last is in contact with ALCATEL/ALSTHOM, industry that has manifested its interest in this research project (see the enclosed letter).

Funding Scheme

RGI - Research grants (individual fellowships)


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