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3d structure of complex solar magnetic fields


Research objectives and content
Reeent observations show that the solar magnetic field has a very complex three-dimensional structure. The theoretical understanding of the subtle interplay between the magnetic field in the plasma of the solar atmosphere is important not only for . solar physics itself but also for plasma astrophysics in general . . The scientific objeetives of the project are to develop a new methods to determine the connectivity of complex solar magnetic fields, a new numerical code allowing the accurate calculation of nonlinear force-free fields from vector magnetogram data and to . apply these novel methods to observational data. This will allow me to determine the 'skeleton' of a given magnetie field and to Iculate the topology changes of solar magnetic fields during eruptive processes
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
By carrying out this research project I will become trained in modern analytical (bifurcation analysis of vector fields) and , numerical (multigrid methods, continuations methods, finite elements) methods, in data analysis and in solar and plasma physics in general. This will enable me to either go on to do independent research in astro- or plasma physics or to apply the methods to other areas, e.g. in industrial research. Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)


North Haugh
KY169SS St Andrews
United Kingdom