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Research and Training on Migration and Ethnic Relations in the Mediterranean: Supporting the Development of an Enhanced Social Science Capability


A recent review showed that there is a need to promote the acquisition of local expertise in the field of migration and ethnic studies in countries bordering the Mediterranean. This is because these members of the EU have recently experienced massive increases in legal and non-legal migration and an associated increase in social integration. The Proposal is designed to support the development of an enhanced research and training capability in the universities of four Mediterranean countries in disciplines relevant for this field.

More specifically, the proposal has the following objectives:
- To review the social science research and training capacity in the filed of migration and ethnic studies in four Mediterranean countries
- To assess the quality and quantity of research students specialising in this field
- To consider strategies for strengthening the research and training infrastructure, and to make appropriate recommendations.

The project is not a conditional research exercise but falls centrally the area of 40 grants where the applicant would serve as a visiting professor in an institution located in a less favoured region for the purposes of imparting relevant experience and knowledge. The experience concerned is primarily derived from five years as founding director of the largest European research institute in this field.

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Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II
Vico Monte Della Pietà
80136 Napoli