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Mammalian nuclear rna editing by adenosine deamination - a search for edited transcripts


Research objectives and content
The aim of my project is to identify transcripts edited by adenosine deamination. I plan to select transcripts that contain inosine, making use of the distinct biochemical properties of this nucleotide in comparison to guanosine When mRNA is treated with RNAse T1, the enzyme cleaves 3' to every guanosine and inosine. However, if the guanosine is modified by glyoxal treatment, the site is protected against RNAse T1. Glyoxal treatment modifies less efficiently inosine residues. This difference can be used to distinguish between RNAs containing guanosine an inosine residues.
Trainings content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
I am certain that the training necessary to carry out the project, which involve a wide range of molecular biology techniques, will contribute enormously to my following scientific career.
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